About the Project

Brevard’s unique public sculpture project celebrates native animals of the region and showcases the artists who created the distinctive pieces. Scattered throughout Brevard’s downtown area, 16 life-size sculptures depict indigenous animals in a variety of materials (bronze, copper, stone, and steel). Some of the animal sculptures are realistic, and others are rendered in a more abstract, stylized way.

All the animals are either native to the area or have been recently re-introduced (elk, red wolf). Faithfully reflecting the animals’ actual size, some are majestic (elk), some are small (raccoons), and some combine tiny pieces in a larger gathering (Monarch butterflies).

The sculpture project aims to encourage people—young and old, local and visitors to learn more about and appreciate the native animals, especially as development encroaches on their habitat. The collective artistry created by more than seven sculptors establishes Brevard as an important arts destination in Western North Carolina.

Ann DerGara, artist and co-owner, with her husband Tom Cabe, of the Red Wolf Gallery in Brevard, was the catalyst for the animal sculpture project. She coordinated efforts of the sculptors and helped raise money to fund the project. Generous donations, large and small, from hundreds of people, have supported the creation and maintenance of the sculpture. Create your own trail of discovery as you walk through town and notice the varied artists’ interpretations of area’s animals.